Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Sorry for the blogging hiatus. I’ve been in a funk over the past few days, stemming from a couple of things. Yesterday, before I got out of bed, I specifically prayed to have a good attitude and therefore a good day. Both of those lasted about two hours. Oh well. Today's a new day, right?

On a lighter, happier note, thanks to some time well-spent at the YMCA and a referral credit (thanks Kate!), I have almost reached the capacity of points allowed (10,000) in the YMCA rewards program. What can I buy with my points? TOO MUCH. Here’s what I’ve narrowed it down to, after eliminating 14k pearl earrings and a portable DVD player:

A handful of DVDs that I would like to own but don’t: Ratatouille, Up, Wall-e, Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead… you know, the classics.

I also found The Game of Things, which is SUPER fun!

I also found a 6-piece Calphalon bake set, which would also be a good purchase since I am ramping up my culinary skills. It has two 8” cake pans, a muffin pan, a loaf pan, a cookie sheet and a 9x13” cake pan. But I already have a cookie sheet and a cake pan, and how often would I use the other items? More often than I would watch the DVDs?

I can get both the bake set AND Game of Things, or the bake set and a DVD, or the game and two DVDs… decisions, decisions! I also have an Overstock.com gift card in my wallet that I haven’t used. I could get one DVD with that…This feels like the Price is Right. Eric – help!


  1. I say definitely go for the bake set!! I use my muffin and loaf pan all the time!!! :)

  2. Get the game and dvd's and we can play them when you come home...cookware is no fun: you can have all mine.


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