Monday, August 02, 2010


Made a quick trip home for the weekend—woohoo!

First stop – Mom’s office. I never go over there when I’m home, and since I was getting to town before she was off for the weekend, I thought it'd be nice to surprise her. Good thing I did, because look what I found:
Keep in mind this woman has been working and parking in this lot for more than 20 years now. I told her friend/boss that it was a good thing I came by, because someone really needed to fuss at her for that. Done!

We ran errands at the Summit for a while – bought some jewelry, got a link taken out of my watch, poached some sweaters from high schoolers, the usual. By “poached some sweaters,” I mean we were in Gap and these two girls and their mom had been eying the last of the XS sweaters in white, which were on mega-sale (more than half-off)! But after they each tried it on, they hung it back up on the rack apparently. I picked up a medium one to buy, which inevitably meant my mom wanted one too. I was showing her the difference between how the XS sweater hung on her short frame compared to the medium one, which just looked ridiculous on her. So she decided to take my advice and get the last XS. We really didn’t know the girls hadn’t taken the sweater to the register until one of them ran back to the rack and realized the XS was gone, gasp and all. Oops. Mom literally HID in another section until the girls were gone. You snooze, you lose? See you at Christmas, mega marked-down Gap sweater!

After shopping, I got my favorite dinner at my favorite restaurant:
And then I took Mom back to her ill-parked car, where we saw that the yard guy also had thoughts on her parking job:
Hilarious, right? He had blown all the leaves in the parking lot right up to her car.

The next day, we ran a few more errands until it was time to take this beautifully wrapped gift
To this incredibly cute girl (the adorable handmade bunny that she's playing with was what was in the pretty box):
Who was having her very first birthday party! Her mommy, also known as my amazing friend Kathryn, did a great job with the special occasion.

Afterward, we rode out to see the tail-end of the pageant in which a family friend of ours was competing (and won first runner-up, woohoo), and then called it a night.

After church at my “favorite” church in Birmingham, I headed back home.

Thanks Birmingham! See you in another three months!


  1. you look beautiful in the pic!!

  2. You forgot the best meal of the weekend: Joe's Italian chicken parmesian with tiramisu for dessert!!!

  3. Taziki's I presume. I work in the newborn nursery at UAB and that is my fave place for lunch (and sometimes dinner). I walked there today in the 100 degree heat. Guess what! It was closed for a private party! GGGRRRR!!! Imagine my disappointment! I guess there's always tomorrow!

  4. That parking job is horrendous.

  5. The leaves under the car are too funny! Gotta love those yard guys.


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