Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Well kids, guess what mama did?

I signed up for Freeharmony.

I know, right? Take the plunge! Get out there! Do you, bro!

The only little problem with this? FreeHarmony can't find any matches for me! None. Zero. Zip. Zilch. Nada. Cue the sarcastic applause. How messed up am I, that using a personality profile test, and a match radius including both my current AND home state, there's not one single match for me? Did I break the thing? Surely all the cylinders aren't firing. I'm not that damaged... am I? I think I will delete my profile and start again.

I'm a little hesitant to join "the other free dating site." It still stings even when the commercials come on, which by the way is ALL THE TIME, so I'm not sure how long I'd last while actually trying to write a profile for myself. Even though I could easily fix it so he and I wouldn't match up, I'm just don't want to even go there.

Maybe I will just become a nun. I always did like Sister Act.


  1. I dated a "C" as well and after we broke up (the last and final time), it killed me every time I saw an eharmony commercial because we had often talked about being on the commercials after we got married...ugh...

    Life does go on, but must the commercials come on EVERY time I turn on the TV now?


  2. Sister Act is probably not an accurate representation of nun life since Whoopie was a hideout who jazzed up the place. Just saying. Now Sister Act 2 could be a strong basis, you could find an urban young choir group that includes Lauren hill and turn the whole thing around!


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