Monday, August 16, 2010


So, seriously. You guys have overwhelmed me. Not because you've all officially unlurked yourself - that I can handle. Bring it on! Rather, I'm overwhelmed because you're all so NICE.

You may think I'm being "real" but there is still SO much of me that I don't write about. So very much. I feel like I need to qualify all of these kind e-mails and comments with a reminder that while I have been sharing some, I am not sharing everything, and I am far from perfect. Some of your comments are hard to accept for that very reason. But they are appreciated.

I also want to let everyone know that there's good news - we've all had our heart broken. Yay! Maybe I should change the name to Sgt. Lindsay's Lonely Hearts Club Blog. But trust me, weather and heartbreak are the great equalizers. You can't run from either one.

Back in 2004, when I was dealing with the 3D's (Divorce, Death and Dumping someone then questioning that decision - quite a cocktail for one semester), Max Lucado seemed to have the gentlest way of speaking the truth. "A Love Worth Giving" was a great book about relationships. I think I need to reread it. "Traveling Light" is a good book about baggage and burdens that we do not need to bear. Tonight, I'm going to pick up this book:
Because I think I need to brush up on my grace. It's easy think you understand grace when you're living in your parents' house, packing for your upcoming missions trip and your biggest offense in life is getting a detention for skirt being "too short." A full ten years later, I need it re-explained to me. Have any of you read this book? Any of you want to read this book?

So in summary,
1 .Thank you all for the flattering but undeserved words of affirmation;
2. We could start a singles column in the comments section;
3. Max Lucado rocks.

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