Friday, August 13, 2010


You all are so nice. Really. All of the e-mails and comments have been SO overwhelming and encouraging and inspiring. I am glad so many of you like my writing, like my story and can relate to what I'm going through. It really is so amazing how even when you feel like you are the ONLY ONE in the world going through whatever, it's almost guaranteed that someone out there feels the same way. I promise I am not as sweet or great as y'all think I am. But the encouragement is much appreciated.

When I was in college, anytime I got a nice e-mail, I'd print it and save it. I had a file for e-mails, cards, notes, anything inspiring or sweet or encouraging that was sent to me while I was in school or the few years after. When I moved, the filing cabinet that had that particular file in it went into C's storage shed. I have been going through the files to purge old documents and condense things a little. I am quite the saver when it comes to important (or really NOT important) documents! But that file of cards and notes and printed e-mails is absolutely priceless and was the first one I went through. I think I will print some of your comments and e-mails and add them to it.

Last night I started condensing and weeding and sorting again and came across the file from my former checking account. I had a BLAST going through the incredibly detailed account register, looking at where I spent money and to whom I wrote checks, and taking a walk down memory lane. Here are some of my favorites - see what you think:

Trip to NYC for Spring Break - lots of fun!

Sorority dues...what a fun semester!

Guess something went wrong somewhere... but at least I paid this fine! What an exemplary Executive Board member I was.

Woohoo - first time to see Clay Aiken in concert! Money well spent!

I had to get photos made to get a head shot for Miss Homecoming campaign. Good thing I absolutely LOVED the photo I used.

I loved buying T-shirts in college! How many things do you still wear that you bought nine years ago?

My sister and I paid for my mom to go on a cruise with her best friend. What a great surprise!

One lovely bridesmaid's dress for one lovely wedding.

And cue the counseling sessions...

Security deposit for my first apartment in Nashville... très horrible! Seriously. It's a wonder neither JB or I got shot. Evan did lose his wallet once though. Poor guy - he came over to do laundry to avoid spending money at the laundromat, then lost his wallet in the process. Fail.

Tickets to see Melinda win Miss Alabama. Again, more money well-spent!

Ahh memories.

Anyway - thanks again folks. You guys have made me feel like a million dollars and I do not deserve it. I am working on responding to everyone, so bear with me.

Have a great weekend, you lovely people. I know I will.


  1. I really dont remember how I came across your blog but I've been reading for over 2 years. I love reading funny stories about your Mom-my favorite is when she ate the bird egg! My Mom does similar things...never a dull momment!

  2. love your blog! came across it on ole miss mom. then it took me a while to figure out who you were. loved it even more when i realized i knew you =) keep it up! your carrie underwood encounter was my fave! that autograph priceless!


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