Thursday, July 08, 2010


In yesterday's post, I briefly mentioned the Art Crawl I attended on Saturday night - but I want to revisit it, particular the piece that I can't get out of my mind.

I did love the mixed media. Very much. There were some stunning mosaics and some collages that used beeswax - that's called encaustic art. But of all the lovely things I saw, a graphic print by Jane Davis Doggett resonated with me the most. Here is a low-res copy I found online - my apologies that this doesn't really do the art justice. When we saw this print, it was probably 10'x6' - took up an entire wall.
Is that not pretty amazing? Star and I both commented that her portrayal of the "valley of the shadow of death" is pretty spot-on. Simple, but brilliant.

Here's a quick write-up of the artist and some of her work (including this one) from the hosting gallery - the Arts Company, located on Fifth Avenue and our first stop on the Art Crawl.

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