Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I mentioned the other day that I did something fascinating over the weekend. Quite frankly I am SHOCKED more of you didn’t figure this out or ask me about it.

Yes, I tried out for American Idol.

It’s something I had wanted to do for years. Rush, work, etc. etc. always kept me from getting to the closest city and giving it a whirl. This year, they were practically in my backyard. I’d have been crazy not to just go check it out, right?

It was a LONG day. I was in place (sitting on the street) by 5 am. There were people who had been doing that since midnight. A lot of nothing went by and then at 5 pm, a full, whopping twelve hours later, I gave my 10 second performance and was on my way. No, I didn't get a golden ticket. No, I wasn't expecting one. What I was expecting, I got seven-fold: some good stories, some great people watching, and a big fat check on the bucket list. Win/win.

I know you all want details, details, details, so I am working on a lengthier post outlining what I saw and what I heard, including the girl in underwear, which returning auditioners were there, how long I waited in line to buy some lunch, and what is my biggest regret about the whole ball of wax. Get excited.

THIS! ....... is uhMERican IDOL!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. i can't WAIT to read this one!!

  2. holy crap, you're such a sneak. Hurry up with the long post.

  3. I'm still mad at them for not picking you!

  4. you are pert near awesome and totally would have had my vote!!! cant wait to read all about it!

  5. What a were dropping hints the "Idle" post you posted Sunday...I will read between the lines next time. Thank you for not wearing your underwear to the auditions just to get on tv.

  6. Yes!!! I'm glad I waited until all of these were posted before I read this.


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