Monday, July 19, 2010


Woohoo - is it awkward in here or WHAT.

Friday afternoon, some of you got the privilege of reading probably the rawest, most vulnerable post I have written in 4+ years of blogging. Do I regret it? No. So why did I take it down? Meh. I guess it was a limited-edition fire sale post: get it while you can then let's all move on. I'm glad I wrote it and got my feelings out though - make no mistake about that. And thanks for the comments and encouragement. I meant every single carefully-crafted word. Maybe it will sneak back into publication again one day in a less acerbic, Meredith-Grey-ish point of view. I don't know if the subject of said post read it or not. I probably never will.

Moving on though - who wants to guess what I did this weekend? No, three loads of laundry and a cart full of groceries don't count. Here's a hint:


  1. I loved the "Angry" post. Appreciated how raw it was, and the pictures!

  2. You always were a singer--a loud one!
    The video, though, is in slow motion and the songs are in real time. The words don't fit the action. Can you repost so not in slo-mo?


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