Tuesday, July 20, 2010


While I am working on my post to tell you about what I did this weekend - it's a doozy! - let me tide you over with something semi-related and incredibly cool.

As I've mentioned on here before, I am a library junkie. I LOVE THE LIBRARY. I always have. Summer reading programs with Al the Alligator, weekly library visits during elementary school - I can't get enough. I cannot wait to have my own kids to take and just like my mom did, they can check out as many books as they want or the library will allow, whichever comes first.

So still in my adult years, I use the library. It's so easy to request what you want, choose where you want it delivered and swing by and pick it up. I've rented DVDs (carefully, though; the fines really stack up for those if you go out of town and forget you have three Sex and the City DVDs due until almost five days later don't turn them in on time), borrowed CDs and as if that isn't enough, the Library strikes again!

My county library system has teamed up with a site called Freegal (rhymes with legal) to offer FREE MUSIC DOWNLOADS! And they have SO many artists on there. Both of the songs I purchased on iTunes yesterday, I could have downloaded legally and freely through this site. As of right now, each patron gets five free downloads a week, and that could change at any time due to the library's budget or patron usage. You can even preview the song, like in iTunes. And yes, all music is compatible with iTunes and iPods.

If you live in my county, access the site from the library main page (if you're a library member, that is). If you don't live in my county or state, march to your local library and request this.
Yes, they even have GLEE!

I have downloaded 2 of my 5 free songs for this week and plan to use the other three by Friday. Can't wait to get even more next Monday!

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