Monday, June 14, 2010


CMA Fest was a busy week! It was nice to see so many people back in town though. Oh crowds, even though I may talk bad about you, I was secretly very glad to see you. Smell you? Not so much. But see you? 100%.

To help the week go by a little faster, I had daily items that I was looking for: mullet Monday, tube top Tuesday, wife-beater Wednesday*, I-can-see-your-thong Thursday, fanny pack Friday and socks-and-sandals Saturday. None of those items were more than a stone's throw away.

I made it out to LP Field for a few of the nightly concerts. I got to see some of my favorite artists, including Carrie Underwood**, Miranda Lambert, Lady Antebellum and Tim McGraw, and I also enjoyed hearing sets from Keith Urban, Jason Aldean and Josh Turner among others.

Make sure to tune in to watch the CMA fest special on ABC this September! You'll no doubt see my favorite moment of the concerts: a Keith Urban-led special rendition of Help From My Friends with the girls from Little Big Town on backup vocals. It was rockin'. You Tube it if you can't wait until then. And speaking of that song, have I mentioned I have Paul McCartney tickets?

*I know this isn't PC to begin with, but just in case anyone is confused, I am talking about a tank top, not an actual convicted felon.

**Y'all, Carrie's fans have found my autograph story and think it's hilarious. Read this thread. It's three pages long! They all think it says loser but I'm sure that's more than partially fueled by jealousy.


  1. ha! That is hilarious. Don't worry Carrie I believe you. It says Love :)

    I was wondering about those gchat status things. I thought you were having some sort of weird spirit week. Instead of school spirit and tacky day it was wife-beater wednesday and tubetop tuesday. Funny!

  2. OMG-- you're famous! Carrie is sure to find out and call you soon.

  3. that post is still hilarious!

    and wow, I didn't such a site existed. I'm thinking some of those fans would do just about anything to be called a "loser" (allegedly) by Carrie Underwood. INTERESTING.


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