Tuesday, June 01, 2010


My Memorial Day weekend was probably very different from yours. No lakes, no pools, no beaches; no hamburgers, hotdogs, corn, baked beans or potato chips. No good, y'all. No good.

BUT. It was still a fun, fun weekend filled with fun, fun stuff. On Friday at 6:30, trouble came to town in the form of Wes and Jennifer. They were in town for a wedding on Saturday, and I got to play hostess. We visited before they had to run off and join wedding festivities, and then visited (read: drank wine) some more before we all went to sleep - them in my cloud, me on my couch.

Saturday morning they treated me to lunch at Marché, where I had the best french toast I've ever had. Hands down. It was deeeeelicious. Then we took off for a little shopping and sight-seeing, during which I purchased a mirror and twisted Wes's arm to hang it for me. Yeah right. He was already drooling for a hammer before we left HomeGoods. Thanks Wessy!

The rest of the visit was low-key but wonderful. I am so glad they came and we got to catch up; I'll have to post a picture of my new mirror soon. They need to come back more often; I have lots of décor tasks they can help with.

Sunday night, I bit the bullet and finally watched that little James Cameron film that came out last year. It's called Avatar, maybe you heard of it? I was skeptical, so it wasn't hard to be impressed since I had low expectations. But whaddyaknow, I liked it. I even will go so far as to say I wish I had I seen it in theaters since the animation and colors were so pretty. But hey, at least I saw it at all. Are you proud? Can I rejoin society now? Actually, I just did a quick search and found a theater that is still (yes, still) showing it. Maybe I will go this weekend but I need someone to go with me because I am 100% not traveling to that part of town alone.

Also please add to the list of movies I saw this weekend - Sex and the City 2. I went last night and loved it. Look, it's no Hurt Locker or Sandlot. It's just fluff. Complete cotton candy: colorful, delicious and not good for you (maybe that just applies to those of us still fresh off a breakup). But I'm glad I went. And at $10.50, I better have been glad I went. Soon, it's going to cost more to go see a movie than it does to buy it on DVD 6 months later.

So even though the closest I came to a pool was taking a bath on Saturday, and even though the closest I came to a cookout was some fruit salad I made on Sunday, all things considered, it was a great weekend.

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  1. we had a great weekend, too! thanks for giving up the cloud for us :)


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