Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Sooooo remember the whole Christmas Story debacle? I have a crime that might be equally as offensive.

Until two weeks ago, I had not seen an episode of the Golden Girls.

What kind of house did I grow up in??!

When Rue passed, I watched a clip of Blanche's best moments that someone threw together on YouTube. Intrigued, I did a search for the show on my DVR and set it to record a few episodes.

Why are these women so funny? Why have I not been watching this for years? Good news for everyone else who loves the show - Hallmark channel is having a marathon on Monday, July 5. I'll bring the cheesecake, you bring the forks!


  1. If you love Golden Girls, you would definitely adore Designing Women, especially being a southern girl yourself! My sister and I love it, but it's pretty hard to find on TV anymore, you must check it out!

  2. I've never seen it either, but I definitely had the urge to watch a few episodes with Betty on SNL and Rue passing away.

  3. Are you serious?! I've seen every episode 45 times and still watch it every night when I go to bed on Hallmark. It's addicting!

  4. yeah, this is right up your alley!


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