Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Today, I bring you another installment of the home video series I mentioned would be coming this way. I am going to TRY not to let this blog turn into one big home video buffet - I know the majority of these are not that interesting - but I have to share some of the funnier ones with you. It'd be a crime to keep these to myself.

On this particular sunny day, my mom just got out the camera and let us do what came naturally: for my sister, that'd be show off to the camera and boss me around (love you); and for me, wander around and stutter. In fact that's pretty much how things went until I turned 4 or 5. This video also features one of the Buckwheats, one of many in a series of cats. Watch this video and you'll see why they kept running away.

Some highlights from this video:

:30 "He peenched da stool outta me"
:33 "Me-ow, me-ow, me-ow" (and not just at :33... this continues for a while)
1:47 "Mama ask me some questions to make people laugh" (show off!)
2:23 the cat makes a break for it and somehow I get blamed for it. Just like the video I posted on Saturday, we didn't discover this until YEARS after the video was taken and now it's another Jenniferism we often repeat in our family.
2:40 "Night night kitty"
4:53 more Me-ow, me-ow

And to prove that I had raw, untapped talent at an early age... don't miss my dazzling vocal skills on display at 6:50!

Me-ow me-ow me-ow.


  1. I just cannot understand why your cats kept running away

  2. LOL... Don't stop with the videos... I LOVE them

  3. It should be noted that this particular "Buckwheat" did NOT run away. This is the one that liked to climb up into the undercarriage of the car (to hide?), and that's where he was one day when the car was cranked ...


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