Saturday, June 12, 2010


If you've been around my family for a while, it's no secret that WE. LOVE. OUR. HOME. MOVIES. We don't have a screen and projector installed or anything like that, but my sister and I were so hilarious (and so were our friends) that every time we watch the tapes, we find something new that someone did or said and we usually end up on the floor in tears. So we usually watch them at least once each time we're all home.

So for Mother's Day, we decided to start the overdue process of getting these decades-old VHS tapes converted to DVD. They were actually starting to get damaged so the timing couldn't have been better. But, speaking of time, neither of us had the hours or machinery to sit around and do this ourselves.

So we found a reputable and affordable company online - iMemories. My sister got it all lined up and all my mom had to do was place the 6 VHS tapes for which we had pre-ordered conversion into a box that was pre-labeled and shipped to her (it's idiot proof) and then take it to the post office. A few weeks and a few dollars later, our favorite movies are safe and sound.

The DVDs should be arriving to my mom's house soon. In the meantime, we found out how to watch them online and share them. This is so cool! I can watch my first steps on my computer. Technology. Gotta love it.

But the BEST video, and the most popular video, and the one a few of you have questioned about, is the infamous Cabbage video.

My sister and I had just started 1st grade and kindergarten. That summer, we'd gone to Babyland General Hospital and adopted Cabbage Patch babies. Which apparently warranted a party. My mom's behind the video camera. Yes she really talked that way, yes my sister was that loud, yes I had blonde hair.

Now, thanks to this wonderful process (Happy Mother's Day!), I can show you video of our "real" Santa, the time I almost drowned at the beach and no one noticed, me picking my nose on-stage during a school program... okay maybe I won't show you that one. Regardless - we are so excited about our preserved collection of movies. If you have questions about iMemories, let me know - I recommend their services! Well-worth the (low) cost and this will not be the only batch of videos we send to them.


  1. I got ice cream on my elbow.

    What happened to your accent Lindsay?

  2. LOL LOL LOL... Loved it the first time I saw it... And I loved it again... So funny.

  3. My favorite thang is goin outside on the beeg playground, the little playground. I luv my taacher.

  4. Lindsay did I hear you snapping your fingers at your mom?! Some things never change ... too cute!


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