Tuesday, May 18, 2010


One month from today, my mom and sister arrive in town for a ladies-only, weekend-long birthday celebration (that'd be MY birthday in case you were unaware!) I am SO excited about this. So far we have concrete plans to see Beauty and the Beast at the theater, try a few popular restaurants I've never been to, take a highly-recommended tour, and we are still choosing between a few side trips to a vineyard and a few other attractions, including a certain highly-recommended music museum. The last time we were together was when I snuck home before the flood:
and we had such a great time! I love my family!


  1. Yay! I can't wait! Didn't realize it's only a month away!

  2. I love you too my cabbage!!!

  3. I normally don't read comments, but . . . I'm dying to know about the cabbage nickname.

  4. Well-- at the risk of Lindsay deleting my explanation, here goes: We were all caught up in the Cabbage Patch Baby craze in the mid-80's. (A trip to Cabbage Land in Ga., annual birthday parties for our adopted babies, complete with cake and gifts!!!) At one party, Lindsay,4, hugged her doll and declared so sincerely"I love you my Cabbage!" Years later we were watching the video, and we heard big sister(6) say under her breath in her twangy country accent she has now lost, "Why'd you say once you wish she was in HELL????" Noone heard her at the time, but we have played it over and over and howled!


Oh goody!

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