Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I have to say, I'm impressed that all but two of you could look at those pictures and not comment on them. Y'all are made of steel.

Things are coming back to normal. My first day in the office was last Friday and since then it's been insane. INSANE. I wanted to share these pictures I took with my camera, which I didn't have with me when I wrote the last post:
Here's a quick (very quick) synposis of how the week went:

Saturday: I left Birmingham at 8 am, got caught in the downpour at 10 am when I hit the state line. Since I LOVE driving in the rain, you can imagine how thrilled I was. It was hands down, the worst weather I have ever driven in. I almost pulled over but figured getting flooded in my car would be worse a fate, so I put my flashers on and didn't break 20 mph until I was on the exit ramp to my house. I made it to work on time for my event.

Sunday: saw some animals pass by in two-by-two formation. Just kidding. But it did rain all day. Around 6 pm it finally stopped. I tried to go to the grocery store but everything was closed. I found a Walgreen's that was open, got what I was looking for and headed back home. Watched TV coverage while every digit on my body was crossed that I wouldn't lose power. Just in case, I did some laundry and ran my dishwasher.

Monday: Found out work was closed and we'd gotten some flood damage. Decided to walk down and check everything out. That's when it all hit me. TV wasn't doing it justice - this was serious! I went to the gym and took my last normal shower of the week. All the water conservation notices started that day since the second station was in jeopardy (it was eventually saved - thanks prisoners!) Also on Monday, the river finally crested and the water started receding.

Tuesday: Found out the damage to work was worse than originally estimated, though fixable, but we had no power. Took advantage of the day off and went shopping and had lunch with a friend. (More on what I bought later...) Started "letting it mellow" and stocked up on bottled water.

Wednesday: Spent the day volunteering. Got up close and personal with some wet, mildewing drywall and piles of mud-caked garbage that less than a week ago were prized possessions. Handed out water (and popsicles!) to victims and volunteers as well.

Thursday: Hardest boot camp to date followed by an off-site, all-day meeting at my boss's house. Contemplated adopting a flood kitty.

Friday: Back in the office. Chaos ensued.

This weekend: Fought every urge to adpot a flood kitty until I at least know my apartment's pet policy... and have enough extra money for shots, supplies, food - you know. Cat stuff.

But the city is bouncing back. Truthfully, it's an exciting time to live here. Everyone is pitching in to help their neighbor and there's lots of effort toward relief and recovery, from a few concerts and telethons to all the volunteers that are out and about - everyone is doing something. Which is good, because right now they are saying there's been $1.56 BILLION in damage to private property alone - that doesn't even touch street, sidewalks, and other government entities. Oy vey. So, everyone come visit quick, because we need your tourism dollars and I'll probably have a new cat to show you.


  1. I'm just now seeing your previous post. But what is there to say anyway?! It's terrible. Our house flooded 6 months after we moved to Alabama (and two days before Christmas) -- it's scary! We're still planning to come up Memorial Day weekend, if that's still okay!

  2. No comments were made because we were all speechless. No words fit.

  3. I'm with your mom-- what an unbelievable tragedy. So glad you are safe and well.

  4. Wow. Thanks for sharing the flood pictures.

    At the Ben Folds concert last night, he announced he would be auctioning off the parts of his piano damaged in the flooding for Nashville flood victims. If you know any huge Ben Folds fans, they should pay up.

    I'm glad you're safe!

  5. Wow, those photos are incredible. I tend to stay away from news coverage and didn't know the extent of damage done. Thanks for sharing. Hope things are getting back to normal now.


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