Friday, May 07, 2010


I'm here, folks. It has been quite a week. After taking a vacation day last Friday, I ended up being off work this entire week due to a flood. Did you hear about it? Thanks to those who reached out via phone or text or e-mail. I'm fine but many people aren't as fortunate. My place of employment had some damage but it's nothing that can't be repaired.

More to come on this incredible tragedy later. In the mean time, here's some photos I snapped from my cell phone on Monday morning - remember, at this point, the river was still rising. Also note that each of these were taken no less than two blocks from my front door.

Riverfront/First Avenue. Backdoor of Wildhorse Saloon, Melting Pot, etc. LP Field. If this flood had hit one week earlier, finishers of the marathon and half marathon would have had to swim in water 3 feet deep to cross the finish line:
Third Avenue - and that's a Jeep by the way:
Other side of Third Avenue
Fourth and Demonbreun/Hall of Fame:

And in case those shots of downtown don't rip your heart out, maybe these will:
More to come.


  1. Oh, Lindsay. This is so tragic. It was so good to talk to you last night. Thinking of you (and your city).

  2. Wow. Those pictures are wild. Glad you are okay and praying for your city and those affected!


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