Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Wondering what I bought last week?

I picked up this:

...which means I get to meet that lovely lady on the cover. She's coming to Nashville as part of her book tour, and even though I'm not allowed to take photos, have her sign anything personal, or do pretty much anything beside file by her while she signs my book, I'm pumped up. The only Bush I love more than Laura is her husband Georgie.

Kind of funny - not only did I buy the book, I was the first person to do so. As in, I waited around while they got them off the truck in the loading dock and unpacked them. That also means I snagged the very first voucher to be the very first in line to meet her next Tuesday... hooray!


  1. Congratulations! What an honor!

    I'm really saddened by the pictures of Nashville. Praying for everyone up there!

  2. so neat!

    and i love it that i can read your full posts in reader now!! :)

  3. Reading it right now! I love them both, too!

  4. She's coming to our Sam's Club on Saturday! I think the line will be too long, though. I wish you could get a picture!

  5. Awesome. I just got her book on my new Kindle and could not put it down. It's just fascinating. She's the REAL DEAL.


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