Monday, March 22, 2010


I placed an order from over the weekend. They usually offer free shipping for orders more than $50, and most anything you order can be returned the store, so it's a convenient way to shop beyond what's at your local Target (as in, I haven't seen any of these items in a store). Here's what was in my cart and soon, in my closet!

Rain boots - aren't these cute? I gave up the ghost on wishing for some Hunter Wellies - with these on sale for $20, I couldn't pass them up. Mine are red, but here's a link to all the colors in this particular style (if solid colored rain boots are your thing): 

I have a dress just like this in green that I wore the tar out of when I got it - and still wear it when the seeason hits. So I figured one in navy would be a nice addition. They had this in a pretty mute silvery gray but it's sold out. Gray is in this spring, isn't it?

Last but not least, this beauty. They also have this in a gray and black combo but I thought this black and taupe color was prettier. I think this will be wearable all the way into fall. I just wish it had pockets!

Thanks,! I'll let you know how everything fits/looks when it arrives.


  1. oooh I love your green dress so I may need to grab one. yes, gray is in but navy is always in and is way more flattering!

  2. I have that dress in green, too! Love it! Wearing it this weekend actually.


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