Tuesday, March 02, 2010


Roses are red, violets are blue
Where have I been? Let me just tell you!

I had a relaxing weekend. I considered going home (true story, Mom), but then I also considered having enough money in the bank for a March rent check. So an extra tank or two of gas was not an option – not until the tires are paid off or I got a paycheck (HALLELUJAH they are now and it’ll be here Friday).

Speaking of it’ll be here, guess what’ll (who’ll?) be here in November? This stinker is having another little stinker – I am SO EXCITED. Babies are so fun.

Exhibit A: my “nephew." Could you die? He’s almost one year old now and cute as a button. I went to play with him on Sunday and again on Monday (/watch the Bachelor* finale with his mommy).
On Thursday, this guy is coming to town and I am excited. But between now and then, me and “Bjork” from my Bunko group are going to see Mamma Mia!

Did you keep up with all of that?

It's so great being busy with fun things!

*Don't get me started.


  1. i commented weeks ago about the bachelor and how i thought jake was kinda cheesy. well, i changed my mind when he started sending ladies home and not messing around about finding a wife. anyway, what did you think about him choosing vienna? they seemed like they got along well together, but she had some messed up social skills. just wondered what your thoughts were.


  2. my life will not be complete without a bachelor review from you.

  3. wait, what?! Kathryn is pregnant again? OH MY GOSH. what's that i feel? pressure to keep up? i have GOT to shrug that off. :)


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