Friday, February 12, 2010


Remember me asking for this for Christmas? Well, I didn't get it. But imagine my surprise when I came home after work on Wednesday and found a package from my mom waiting at my door; the contents: one new comforter. Wahoo! What a sweet mommy. It looks lovely and I sleep so soundly now with the contents of my comforter evenly distributed and not causing me fits as I flip around in my sleep. Thanks mom! What a nice Valentine's surprise.

Speaking of, I hope you all have a happy Valentine's weekend! Don't forget to check here if you are looking for a good card to send your sweetie (or sworn enemy). As for me, I bought us tickets to see Valentine's Day (the movie) tomorrow night, and C is picking a restaurant for dinner on Sunday. I hope he picks a place better than this one. Did I mention it went out of business about a month later? But I wouldn't have done anything differently - what a funny memory we have from that one dinner. Wonder whose salad SueAnn and her bell peppers will ruin this Valentine's Day?

And in case you're curious what I am asking for this Valentine's Day, here's the answer - A Couples Snuggie!
When I sent it to C, his reply was hilarious: "So you’d have to hold hands the whole time? How would you even stand it? You’d explode with joy." What can I say, I'm an affectionate person.


  1. Probably the quickest way to cause conflict in relationship is to get tangled up in a couple's snuggie and end up spilling that hot coffee everywhere.
    Glad you like your comforter: since I am not there to keep you warm, it is your mommy substitute. I love you, my Cabbage!

  2. Hey! I just realized I posted this comment accidentally on gifty instead of this post, so I am posting it again...Ok, need to know your opinion on your new duvet? I have had my eye on this one for a while...we are about to paint our bedroom and I want a white comforter like this one
    I have had bad luck with duvet covers in the past simply because they did not fit a king size down comforter. We got one right when we got married from Restoration Hardware that I LOVED, but it just hung off of the comforter. They both said they were King size. Now we have a comforter from Sam's Club. Sounds weird, but I liked it and still do, just ready for a change and something more classic looking like white. Anyways, just wanted to know how West Elm ran as far as size....and make sure that it will fit any brand king size down comforter. Okay this comment is way too long...bye for now!


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