Thursday, February 18, 2010


Okay kids, I hate to do this. I am turning on the comment spam verification thing. I HATE having to do this when I comment on other blogs so I was avoiding turning it on for my own blog, but the spam comments are getting out of hand. I am deleting a few every day. Sorry Charlie. Do y'all mind? I hope not.


  1. I HATE spam (it's creepy) so do whatcha gotta do, sister.

  2. how do you do it?? i have been getting spam in my comments for awhile now. i have the little word thing, but it's not doing anything. is there something else i can do??? :)

  3. I think these things are lame, but you gotta do it.

    I don't get spam, but I'm not searchable on google. Shealy, you might try removing your blog from search engines in your blog settings if you don't want the box.

    And so I type okedi


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