Monday, February 08, 2010


I was enjoying my last few minutes in the peace and quiet of my bed before getting ready to face the morning when my phone rang. It was C. Someone stole his car right. out. of. his. driveway.

What kind of person STEALS A CAR?!? Especially one with two little car seats in the back? If I were a criminal, that sight alone would break my heart just enough to stop stealing the car and find something else to do.

I rushed to get ready, picked him up, bought him a hot biscuit from Hardee’s and loaned him my car. Poor, poor guy.

Luckily his has some bumper stickers that make it easy to spot, so I am hopeful they will recover the car. However, the wounds of violation and anger will take some time to heal.

It’s been a rough day. Leave him some comment love.


  1. oh my! I am so so sorry- you're right, who does that???? Especially with the carseats in the back?

  2. oh my gosh!! hope you catch the losers!

  3. C... so sorry to hear of your BUSTED, unnecessary loss. Let's hope it's not permanent and that your car will be located soon! Keep your head up, bud. They'll find these d-bags and your car!

  4. That is outrageous! Thoughts and prayers for getting the car back in the same condition it left C.

  5. Poor guy! And with car seats no less. I hope they find it soon!

  6. how awful...and i don't even know him! it is a terribly unnerving feeling to know someone was so close to your house (and you). we had our dvd and radar stolen out of our car (which was in the driveway). creepy feeling! bless his heart and good luck recovering the car!


Oh goody!

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