Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Two things we need to talk about ASAP regarding Olympic Coverage!!!!

1. We Are the World 25 for Haiti - I was not watching live when they debuted this song during the opening ceremonies, but as you already read, I did watch plenty of Olympic Coverage!!!! on Saturday, which is when NBC finally played the FULL song and video. I was not impressed the first time I heard it (Friday night), but when they took time to air the whole song (Saturday), I really liked it more. If you haven't seen the entire video, make sure you do it as it's much better than the short, sped-up basically commercial that they showed during the opening ceremonies. What I could do without - Wyclef. He is WARBLING. It sounds like a really annoying bird. Wyclef, you are the weakest link. No wait, Miley. NO! Justin Beiber. All three of them could've stayed at home and I'd have been just fine!

2. Biathlon - HOW did I not know about this sport until this year? I guess when you are watching daytime Olympic Coverage!!!! you see more than just snowboarding, speed racing and figure skating. So for those like me, who only tune into the really cliché Olympic Coverage!!!!, I will explain. The skiers take off on a cross-country, 12 mile race. Actually, let me interrupt you right here. In the days when my family would take an annual ski trip, I would inevitably get stuck having to do a little cross-country action when my dad would yell at me to bear left and I'd bear right (I feel like I have talked about this before - I get my right and my left mixed up all the time). So there I'd be, clear on the other side of the slope and I'd have to ski my way across. I think one time I decided it'd be easier to ski down, get back on the lift, go back up the mountain, and bear the correct way this time. A mulligan, if you will. And several times, I remember someone deciding we'd take a "shortcut" over to another side of the mountain. Every "shortcut" brought plenty of cross country skiing course. Point is - I have dipped my toe in the water and HATE it. What misery. So these people are going 12 miles cross-country skiing, and every three miles or so they have to stop AND SHOOT A RIFLE. Is this a sport? They have to hit five targets (twice standing up, and twice "prone" or lying down) and if you miss, you have to take a spin around the penalty loop for every one you miss. I get the difficulty - obviously, your heart is racing from the challenge of skiing cross-country, so it's hard to calm down enough and steady a rifle. I just think it's funny. Why not add some dizzy bat after each round of shooting? Or maybe even a good old-fashioned egg toss during lap four? Three-legged race? Anyone? Bueller? Anyone?

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