Thursday, February 11, 2010


Late last week, C was offered some free tickets to see the Drowsy Chaperone, which is playing at TPAC this week. Originally, he declined. But then his car got stolen (no updates, by the way) and he decided free tickets would, in fact, be a nice addition to what was swiftly becoming a bad week. So, Tuesday night we bundled up and headed downtown for a night at the theater.

Y’all. What a funny musical! It’s very satirical. It’s billed as a “musical within a comedy.” That means that there is one lonely, nerdy character on stage and we are in his living room with him (comedy). He puts on a record for us to hear, the sound track to a (fake) musical from the jazz era called The Drowsy Chaperone. Character by character and scene by scene, the entire musical comes to life in his living room with him to narrate and give parenthetical references and in a few cases, join in the scene himself. It’s important to remember that it’s MAKING FUN of early musicals – the drama, the jazz hands, the tap sequences, the puns, the bad accents, so everything so over the top, overplayed, over-exaggerated, etc. But, it makes it all the more hilarious.

There was one song that had me laughing so hard, I almost wet my pants. And then C and I were quoting it all night have been quoting it all week. I was so glad we went to see it. If it's in your area, try to see it. It's not as well-known as some other musicals, but it is just as good. Next in town: Color Purple (sans Fantasia), Mamma Mia, Chorus Line aaaand Beauty and the Beast!

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  1. my purse was stolen and inside it was my husbands's a long story, anyway, with my husbands license, the perpetrator(sp?) test drove a car and STOLE it!! We didn't hear anything for 3 months, and then we read in the newspaper they had caught a man who had used stolen identification from (town where we live) to steal the car from a dealership. Turns out he had robbed a Planet Smoothie, mugged a woman at The Summit in Birmingham, and burgularized a home in Vestavia...apparently some people are just professional criminals. A lot of time may pass but they'll catch the guy, (hopefully)


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