Monday, February 01, 2010


A little late for the Friday Five... what about Monday's musings? Whatever. You're just happy I even posted. You'll read it and you'll LIKE it... or else!

1. I went to the dentist last week for the first time in.... two years. Is that gross? Oh well. I HATE GOING TO THE DENTIST. I did not put this off because of that, though. Rather, my last appointment was in April 2008. Between the move and job change, I just kind of fell off the grid and my dentist didn't know how to contact me. And I certainly was in no hurry to reach out to them. Finally I did and GUESS WHAT. No cavities. I survived. No thanks to my Mom, whom I called en route and she started telling me about her below the gum cavity. I started yelling at her to be quiet when she brought up lasers. ::Shudder::

2. Fame - bad movie, greeeeaaaat soundtrack. I love Asher Book.

3. In case you hadn't heard, Nashville got some snow. It was exciting for about one night, then it got boring and a nuisance. Thankfully my knight in shining 4-wheel-drive was able to rescue me from house arrest for at least one night and keep me from going insane, cooped up in the apartment. The other two nights, I was working! Yes, just call me the postal service because "neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night, nor the winds of change, nor a nation challenged, will stay us me from the swift completion of our my appointed rounds." I can't decide if I am proud or sad about that.

4. I won some goodies from Chick Fil A on Twitter last week. I wonder what they'll send me? Hopefully it involves coupons.

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