Monday, January 25, 2010


Things I Did This Weekend:

1. Watched W.
2. Replaced a toilet seat and lid
3. Let someone else clean my apartment
4. Got my feelings hurt by a cat
5. Planned for bunko and bought my costume
6. Had a yummy dinner with Kate and Evan

Wait, what was that? Replaced a toilet seat, you say? Yes, I sure did. From now on my productivity will be directly tied to how many toilet seats I replace. So, this was a pretty productive weekend.

And then Evan came over and decided he wanted to clean my kitchen. What was I going to say, no? Yeah right. He was bored! I filled a need. And he filled one too. Thanks, Evan!

And then Kate made us dinner, which has become a monthly tradition apparently. Take one chicken dish and follow it with a dessert that involves Oreos. Only difference is this time there was no fire and smoke, just a mean cat. Sorry Kate - I LOVE cats. But Funky is in a league of her own. I tried. Arguably too hard. That cat scorned me. Regardless... Thanks, Kate!

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