Thursday, January 14, 2010


Today, when I went home to eat my leftover serving of grilled balsamic and rosemary chicken - thanks Trader Joe's! - and oven-roasted asparagus*, I turned on my TV for some dining entertainment and noticed an updated look to my DVR menu.

Good job, Comcast, you finally did something right. My DVR, and hopefully yours as well, is so much easier to navigavte. My favorite change is that now the saved programs contain folders for shows that I have multiple episodes of stored in my DVR. Here are some folders I remember seeing during my quick scan of the new set up: Cougar Town (2), Will and Grace (36), the Office (30) and Glee (13).

Also, I noticed you can now search for shows in multiple ways. Search by title is so much easier now, because rather than it taking you to the one that's coming up next, it puts together a quick list of all the show times. So if you are looking for a particular rerun of say, Jersey Shore, you can scroll through the list until you find your rerun and set up a recording.

In a nutshell, it's much more efficient, much more user-friendly and much more organized. I NEVER THOUGHT I WOULD SAY THAT ABOUT COMCAST.

*I am eating asparagus like it's going out of style. I bought huge thick stalks of it at Trader Joe's earlier in the week. I toss it with some lemon juice, olive oil and garlic salt then roast in the oven and OMG I can't get enough. Oh well. I guess there a lot worse things that I could elect to eat my weight in besides asparagus.


  1. Asparagus, though it comes with some odd side effects, is so yummy. I agree 100%.

  2. i am obsessed with asparagus too. love that stuff!

  3. I'll just go ahead and say that the "odd side effect" is that it makes your pee stink.


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