Friday, January 22, 2010


1. I can’t help but watch Conan this week. It’s television history! These stunts where he is spending ridiculous amounts of money just for the sake of it are so funny. So wrong, but so funny. Last night, he trotted out the 2009 Kentucky Derby winning horse, wearing a mink snuggie, and watching restricted NFL footage. Total price tag - $4.8 MILLION. Unreal…. but so funny! The night before it was some expensive car made to look like a mouse while playing the Rolling Stones (no, Sarah, it wasn’t “Beast of Burden”). That cost $1.5 million. Wonder what he’ll do tonight on his last show? UPDATE: the skits aren't real. I feel stupid. Was I the only one who didn't know that? Oh well.

2. Rain, rain go away! Now don’t get me wrong, y’all know I love my Ugg boots but I need some rain boots for weather like this. Target has a bunch of cute ones, so could someone please explain why I’d rather have the Hunter wellies instead, that cost $100 more? Can I make that purchase based on durability? I can justify anything, unfortunately. But until my ship comes in, I guess I’ll stick to Target’s. Where are you, ship?

3. I’m off like a prom dress this weekend. No plans at all. Except dinner with Kate, Evan and Kate’s cat Funky at Kate’s house on Sunday. Maybe I should say Kate one more time for good measure. No word yet on what she’s making, but it better not catch fire. I’m not sure we could handle that again. But at least we’d be prepared.

4. Media update: We watched Will Ferrell’s Your Welcome, America this week. It was funny, even to me who absolutely LOVES some George W.

5. Media update Numero Dos: Just finished One Fifth Avenue by C. Bushnell and picked up Nanny Returns, the sequel to the Nanny Diaries. I am always looking for good fiction to read, if any of you have any. I love to read. When I Walking The Valley (the stage of life I refer to as the 5 months post-grad/pre-job), I read a TON of books. Like, almost one every other day. It was all I had to do. Well, besides calligraphy and starting this blog.


  1. If you want to look good and stand out from the crowd, you need our WedgeWelly boots!

    Our Wellies are guaranteed to give you a height advantage over those flat Wellie wearers, and…………………. the high fashion surface patterns will make you the envy of everyone!!!!

    And if that’s not enough………………. these Wellies will be the most comfortable you will ever put on your feet (so if you’re planning long walks, make sure your feet are well looked after in our slipper inspired WedgeWellys!!).

    Mud never looked so gud!


  2. I am amazed at some of the comments you get.

  3. Bahaha wedgewelly!!!! His cool points would have shot up to $8 million if he played b of b.

  4. I want some Wellies too, but can't really justify the price as I don't exactly have to step out in the rain if I don't want to. I bought some from Target (black with gray flannel) and I do love them. Just wish they came in half size as the 9 was too small to wear with heavy socks and the 10 (which I bought) kind of makes me look like I'm wearing Wes' boots. Oh well, I still wear them all the time. In public, too.


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