Tuesday, January 19, 2010


So, last night I had my second bad dream related to hosting bunko. I had one right around Christmas, and this one was pretty similar to that. The running themes in both dreams are unpreparedness, hostility from my fellow clubbers and overall embarrassment.

In last night’s occurrence, I dreamt that I had come home from work and decided to take a nap before the festivities began. Brilliant! So naturally I overslept and when I woke up, everyone was there, I was not dressed in my costume and dinner wasn’t ready. Even worse than that, I didn’t HAVE a costume and I didn’t HAVE any dinner to get ready. I think I was contemplating serving them cereal before I admitted my mistake and told them I was ordering pizza and so dinner would be late. Awesome. Then, in a desperate attempt at a costume, I stumbled upon some Letterman’s* jackets (?!!??!??) hanging up in the house, and made a quick costume out of that. Know who I was?
Yes, that would be Henry Rowengartner. I went as the Rookie of the Year for my Hollywood-themed bunko. Great movie? Yes. Great costume? NO. And I ask you - does he even wear a Letterman's jacket in that movie? I don't think so.

At that point in the dream, most of the girls had left (as well they should've) and there were only 2-3 still there. And of those 2-3, none of them were in my bunko club, so that’s weird. Oh well.

All of this to say, my turn to host is next Wednesday. I’m really not stressed about it – I promise. I just need to pin down the menu and make my costume. I have a few options for both and just like I had to do with the theme, I'm narrowing down my choices. Anyone got a great recipe that feeds 13? (Yes, 13. I can't have bunko at C's house and then not save him leftovers!)

*One of the club levels in Auburn's stadium is the Letterman's Lounge. For years I always thought David Letterman had donated a bunch of money to Auburn and gotten his own lounge. Finally, someone corrected me. True story.

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