Wednesday, January 20, 2010


When I was in college, my family switched churches from a traditional hymn-book type of church to a words-on-the-projector, praise-song type of church (both of which shall remain nameless lest we get into a church debate here and now). It opened me up to a world of music that I'd never heard before. The single thing I hold nearest and dearest to my heart that I took away from that second church is, and will forever be, this song:

You said, Ask and you will receive
Whatever you need
You said, Pray and I'll hear from heaven
And I'll heal your land

You said Your glory will fill the earth
Oh, Like water the seas
You said, Lift up your eyes
The harvest is here,
the kingdom is near

You said, Ask and I'll give the nations to you

O Lord, that's the cry of my heart
Distant shores and the islands will see
Your light, as it rises on us

O Lord, we Ask for the nations
O Lord, we Ask for the nations
O Lord, we Ask for the nations...

(If you haven't heard it, click here for a pop-up window through which to listen.)

This song gets me every time. I don't know what it means to you, but can I share what it means to me?

Tears streaming down my face, I remember standing in that church, Asking the Lord for Guatemala. The children and adults that I met there, the lives we hopefully impacted, the work that was done for the Kingdom. The harvest is here. Guatemala was my first trip outside of the country, and man, do we have it cushy here in the United States (for the most part).

This morning, this song came on my iPod, and instead of Guatemala, today I Ask for Haiti. By "Ask," I mean I intercede. That's how I interpret it at least.

However you choose to help, I think we all need to Ask for Haiti. 200,000 feared dead? Another 6.1 aftershock today? How do you even begin to repair the damage - physical and emotional? What a broken, hurting country. What a broken, hurting world.

Yes Lord, today I Ask for Haiti.


  1. I STAND in agreement with you!

  2. great post and the song is one of my fav's too

  3. This is my first time hearing this song. Thanks for introducing it to me.

    I just pray that we'll be aware of the ways the Spirit moves us to serve.


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