Thursday, December 17, 2009


Yesterday, Evan invited Kate and me over for dinner. He cooked us a lovely meal: apple-stuffed chicken breast, wild rice, bacon-wrapped asparagus and Oreo truffles. It was a great way for old friends get together before we all go separate ways for Christmas.

Evan asked us to be there at 6:15 pm. When I showed up, he had just finished sautéing the asparagus and wrapping it in bacon, and the chicken was stuffed and ready to be put in the oven. Our job was to coat the Oreo truffles with melted chocolate and put them in the freezer while Evan finished dinner. Can do!
After we’d finished that task, I decided Oreo fingers were just as good as Oreo truffles and helped myself to one or two.

It was a little smoky in the kitchen from the stovetop cooking that had been going on, so we opened the back door up. But the smoke didn’t seem to be letting up and we couldn’t figure out why. Then Evan saw flames in the oven, and we figured THAT was why.
Everything turned out BEAUTIFULLY and even more, incredibly delicious! Evan has a great talent for whipping up recipes he’s never tried… even after they catch on fire, everything turns out just fine!
It was delicious. I love my sweet friends!


  1. Thanks for the sweet post! I had a blast with you two.

  2. Awesome. You smoked up the kitchen just for blog comedic effect. Admit it.


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