Wednesday, December 02, 2009


Okay - I have a confession.

I have not seen A Christmas Story.

I repeat

I have not seen A Christmas Story.

Keep in mind I was a ripe, mature five months old when the movie came out. My generation didn’t need Ralph Parker. We had Kevin McCallister. A Christmas Story = the Home Alone of the Generation X, the group right above me. For me, Home Alone will always be the best Christmas movie ever (as well as the best movie ever, but that’s another post).

So as I crept into my twenties, I knew I needed to see this film but never got around to it. Last year, during C’s and my first Christmas season together, he almost dumped me on the sheer fact that I had never seen A Christmas Story… or It’s a Wonderful Life. We fixed one of those problems, but one still remained.

Fast forward another year. Ralph and I have still not met. This topic comes up at a party we recently attended and I got teased mercilessly. Keep in mind all of these people who were riding my crawl were Gen Xers. Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore. “Stop telling people I have not seen that movie,” I told C on the way home. “It’s like saying I hate puppies and sunshine.” Immediately I added it to my Netflix queue so I could rejoin society.

I brought it home with me for Thanksgiving, where to my utter surprise, I discovered my sister had not seen it either (side note: I’ve since found another person my age that has not seen it; we’re going to start a club). But as you already read, we were way too busy watching good movies (and bad ones) this Thanksgiving to make time for Ralph, so until last night, I had never seen the film.

Well I guess technically I still haven’t seen the film, but last night I made one small step for man. Chris, his brother, sister-in-law and I went to see a local theater company perform the stage version of the classic tale. It was hilarious. The man playing Ralph was so funny and the little brother was a hoot. It made me want to rush home and watch the movie, which I did… but I fell asleep at the part where the lamp gets broken.

So, there you have it America. The good news? I’ve seen A Christmas Story. The bad news? I still like Home Alone better. Case closed.


  1. I've never seen it either. I've attempted to watch it but get distracted. All hail Home Alone!

  2. This post made me feel proud and old all at the same time. I love A Christmas Story.

  3. I can join the club. I've never seen it either.

  4. We just went to see it at the Shakespeare Festival on Saturday! It was hilarious. I, like you, had not seen it until this year either. And I still like Home Alone better!

  5. I've never seen it either! Home Alone was always good enough for me.

  6. I've never seen it either. The 24 hour marathon on TBS every Christmas Eve actually deters me from it. Thanks to them, I will never ever watch it!


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