Tuesday, December 08, 2009


Yesterday, I did some scientific research at my desk. I know you think because I graduated with a Liberal Arts degree, I do not know a lot about science, but you are wrong.

Using deductive reasoning, I set out to discover which flavor of bite-sized Kit Kats was the best.

Truthfully, this test wasn't all that scientific because it was laced with bias. The dark chocolate had it wrapped up before I even started. I would eat a number 2 pencil, eraser and all, if it were coated in dark chocolate.

First up, sight. Exhibit A:
Here we have, from top to bottom, a regular milk chocolate Kit Kat, a white chocolate Kit Kat and a dark chocolate Kit Kat, straight out of the bowl of holiday candy on my coworker's desk. Whaddya know? The dark chocolate one looked the best.

Next up, taste. I sampled each one a few times, taking tiny bites and cleansing my palate in between each bite. The white chocolate was my least favorite - the white chocolate was too thick and chalky and it felt like it wouldn't leave my mouth. Milk chocolate was next, and WAIT FOR IT - dark chocolate won!

So, therefore, the dark chocolate bite-sized Kit Kats... and dark chocolate everything... wins!

Whew. Glad that's outta the way. That's enough science-talk for one year, don't you think?


  1. Dark chocolate may be one of the worst things I've ever tasted. EVER.

  2. As I sit here reading this post, I am eating a giant bag of Dark Chocolate Chex Mix...WHO KNEW!!!??? It is awesome if you haven't had it!!

  3. I'm intrigued... I am a die-hard milk chocolate Kit-Kat fan, but it appears that I just haven't given the dark chocolate version a chance.

  4. dark chocolate is better for you too

  5. dark chocolate all the way. a no brainer for me. i want to try the reeses dark chocolate. but haven't yet. would love a post/comparison about the reeses white/milk/dark chocolate cups! :-)

  6. I'm here to tell you that I did the same thing at my office and tried all three.

    I also agree that dark chocolate is by a LONG shot the best. It's so good that you don't ever want to taste another milk chocolate Kit-Kat ever again.


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