Monday, December 14, 2009


Let the games begin: Christmas is in full swing, kids.

Thursday we took Thing One and Two to see the Nutcracker. Somehow, I have never seen it before so I was really excited! It’s such a fun story and I really enjoyed it. My favorite part was the Sugar Plum Fairy… what a diva!

Friday we went to a Christmas party at our friend Kevin’s house. Not Kevin McCallister, calm down. I wish. This is the third year I’ve been to this party and it was just as fun as the first year. The host is a former coworker, and so it’s always a reunion, which is usually a good time.

Saturday I braved Wal*Mart for some boxes and more ribbon, and wimped out before making it to the grocery section to buy supplies for our upcoming work open house party. Speaking of work, I worked Saturday night and then fell asleep on my couch watching Taylor Lautner kick @$$ - literally! – on SNL.

Sunday, after watching A Charlie Brown Christmas while catching up on my gift wrapping, I took some presents over to C’s house and recruited his two little elves to help me put them under the tree. Why we have to wait until Christmas to open the presents under the tree is a concept lost on little ones. After that, we sequestered ourselves to decorate/paint a birdhouse for them to give to their father for Christmas. It ended up looking really cute, but thanks to one too many liberal strokes of red paint, also a little bit like a murder scene. Or the passover, where they painted the blood over the door - take your pick. Oh well. I'm sure the birdies will still move in. They really, really wanted to “prise” him with it last night… but once again, why we wait until Christmas to open the presents under the tree drying in the bathroom so I can take it home and wrap it is a concept lost on little ones.

Afterward, we watched Julie and Julia, which has nothing to do with Christmas but was a movie I really wanted to see, so I ran home and got my Netflix copy. I really liked it and it made me want to learn to cook well… which today, makes me laugh. It also made me want to have my blog/life made into a movie and got me thinking about who I’d want cast as me. My answer: Rachel McAdams.

This is a very busy week. I have plans every night after work! Good thing most of my holiday shopping is done!

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  1. 1. I'm officially obsessed with Julie and Julia. Obsessed.

    2. Rachel McAdamas is a perfect choice.

    3. Your blog would be such a good movie.


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