Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Over the weekend, we went to two very different kinds of parties. The first one was Friday night and was a tacky pub crawl. Only, when we got there, we were the only tacky ones. Luckily, more heinous sweaters showed up later in the night.

Chris's pants don't really translate well in these photos but those bad boys were tight. Niiiice and snug. My sweatshirt was my own work of art, and in a moment of genious, I even outfitted my Crocs for the occasion. I made C a little rose boutonniere out of the sweatshirt band I'd cut off my own garment. It was the perfect finishing touch. We had fun "crawling" and visiting with friends.

Saturday, we loaded up the car and headed south for 24 hours in Alabama. First stop, Taziki's of course, where we had lunch with my mom, sister and brother-in-law, who were fortunate enough to have booked a plane on Friday night and avoided the snow and airport drama.

That night, we headed to my friend Haley's wedding and reception. I met Haley when she pledged my sorority and I became her Big Sis (which she still calls me to this day). One thing Haley and I have in common, as you all have seen play out on this blog, is our mutual love of Friends. So we dubbed Saturday TOW Haley Got Married!

Haley was such a pretty bride and her reception was so much fun!! C and I were among the first on the dance floor. We had an absolute blast. It was great getting to get all dressed up (look at that bow tie!), introduce Chris to a few more of my friends, and see such a sweet couple tie the knot. Haley was a dear friend in college, after college, and hopefully for life! I mean after all, we are "sisters." Love you, sweet girl, and congratulations again.

Sunday morning, C was charged with the task of making breakfast for my family, since I had been bragging about his french toast skills and since my mom had threatened to make biscuits from a can . I "helped" him and together, we served up french toast with bacon and cheesy eggs. Yum! We hung out for a bit before it was time to head back to Tennessee, and this time I'm proud to report I wore jeans and had no car trouble.

Sunday night after my event, we watched Inglourious Basterds. Ummmmm wow. I have never been so fascinated and absorbed by a movie that made me so disgusted. I also have never had a physical reaction to violence in a movie, but there were several parts that my stomach was churning. Not to mention I was looking away, covering my ears, etc. I thought it was really clever and a good movie (Brad Pitt is awesome), but at the same time, I was so grossed out and really disturbed! I cried when it was over - I had to release all of that emotion. It was two and a half hours of just extreme, pent-up discomfort.... which is what QT meant to accomplish, so good on him. My verdict? Rent it but be ready to cover your eyes.

So, all in all a great weekend! Parties and weddings and movies, oh my!


  1. our trip was just as brief, and we left with a fussy/inconsolable/highly dramatic princess and a high fever. it was not good. there was no time to get a visit. i should have called. glad you had fun at the wedding. talk soon?

  2. You are so sweet LJ! I am so so glad you were able to come and that I was finally able to meet C. Glad the New Year has started out well. I am incredibly jealous of your journey to Kevin's house...


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