Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Last night, we did some present opening with T1 and T2. Since I'm taking all of them to the airport in about two hours, I wanted to give them their presents and C had some for them to open also (the rest got shipped got loaded into Santa's sleigh).
T1's reaction to his train set? "Oh SNAP!" while T2 immediately took to coloring Santa with the "pink" chalk. Both the easel and train set are from Ikea, FYI.

After dinner, we put on our pajamas, opened up some presents together, and then afterward, C and I opened up our presents to each other. I am so sad we won't be together on Christmas. I said last year it wasn't happening again, but THIS year I REALLY mean it!

Another cars shirt!

Pretty crown, funny face

Remember the birdhouse I told you about? Guess who LOVED it?

Servingware!!! Ignore my hair.

Guess who got a Blu-ray player?

The jacket goes really well with the pajama bottoms, no?

Lookythere! If you're keeping track, that makes TWO snuggies that I now own. One for home and one for work, just the like I always dreamed. Also, new sunglasses!

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