Friday, December 04, 2009


1. Here’s the story on my pink pajama pants with extreme sentimental value. Four years ago Monday, my grandmother died of a brain aneurism. Side note: do not wish for your bitterly-divorcing parents to have to be in the same room prior to your college graduation because you just might get what you wished for. So Granny had gone Christmas shopping for my cousin, sister and me earlier that week and for the first time EVER, picked out three of the same items but in different styles and colors for us. For more than twenty years, she got us all very different things that matched our interests and personalities. But eerily, she didn’t that year. And when she passed away, there were three stacks of gifts, one for each of us grandgirls, waiting to be wrapped on her guest bed. At some point, my aunt wrapped all the items for us, and on Christmas Eve, the night we’d always celebrated Christmas with that side of my family, we each tearfully unwrapped the gifts that she’d picked out for us but never got to see us open. One of the things we each got was a pair of pajamas. So that is why I love, love, love those pink, polka-dotted pajamas and will never ever part with them.

2. I have been downloading Christmas music like a fiend this week. I LOVE finding new awesome Christmas songs, particularly covers of the classics I already know and love. Here's what I found and recommend:
*Hark! the Hearld Angels Sing - Carrie Underwood
*All I Want for Christmas Is You - Whitney Duncan
*Last Christmas - Glee Cast
*Peace on Earth/Little Drummer Boy - Anthony Rapp & Everett Bradley
*Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas - Tyler Hilton

3. I watched Beyoncé’s I Am…Yours that I had DVRed over Thanksgiving and WOW. She is AMAZING. I want to be her. Like, I want to crawl in her body and BE her. I am really hoping Santa brings me the DVD/CD combo of the entire concert so I can watch it over and over again. And I forgot how amazing the song “Crazy in Love” is. Listen to it and remind yourself.

4. Remember all the Ugg drama earlier this year? I think we’re about to have more of it. In a nutshell, the warranty on these puppies expires Jan. 2 and they need fixing. The seam on the left toe is messed up. I am about to have to ship them off in the coldest month of the year! I’m so sad. Why didn’t I do this sooner?! Can y’all handle more Ugg drama or would you stop reading altogether?

5. Go Gators!


  1. You should try Brian Setzer Orchestra's Christmas CD. It's old, but I checked it out of the library and love, love, love it! Also, PS, I love my cat pajamas for the same reason :-)

  2. Как вы относитесь к непопулярным статьям в блогах

  3. uhm, hello stranger. welcome to P.O.W.


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