Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Want to know how my Christmas was? Okeydoke. Here are allllll the details of my Christmas, from A-Z!

A - I was glad to see my cousin Angie and her husband Jason. Here is a picture of all five of us:
B - Beyoncé! I am OBSESSED with the I Am... Yours concert set I got for Christmas. I took back the DVD version and swapped it for the one with both the CDs and DVD of the concert. Y'all - hands down, the best $19.99 my mom ever spent. And as if that isn't enough, I found out over Christmas that my aunt graduated from high school with Matthew Knowles, Beyoncé's father! What a small world. That practically makes us cousins, doesn't it?
C - There was no C this Christmas! He was in VA with his family. I missed him terribly. Boo.
D - I think this was the Christmas of DVDs. I already told you which one I got - Beyoncé, in case you forgot! - but also swapping hands in front of me this Christmas: the Proposal, Star Trek, GI Joe, Julie & Julia, the Holiday, and some cute little Walgreens Good Times photo DVDs my mom made for me and my sister.
E - My mom got me some pretty new earrings from Anthropologie! They are pave pearl posts. I'm wearing them right now, Mom.
F - One of my favorite things about home is my mom's gas log fireplace. If we are at home, that thing is on and one (or more) of us is parked in front of it.... which is funny, because when I lived with her post-graduation, it was a real source of contention and arguments. But now we all love the gas fireplace. It's just money, Mom!
G - On Christmas day, we drove to Greenville to visit my mom's mom and our great friends the Arnolds. It wouldn't be Christmas without a trip to Butler County.
H - I got to visit Anne Heaton, my 9-year-old cousin. I love getting to see her. She is so cute and so much fun.I - I just love Christmas! Wahoo!
J - Here is our annual picture in our jammies:
K - Wednesday, rather than drive to an empty house, I drove straight to adorable Katelyn (and her mommy and daddy). Kathryn whipped up a delicious dinner, we all played dominoes, drank wine and I got to spend lots of time with Precious McCheeks, who refused to go to sleep because she knew her Fun Aunt Lindsay was there - which meant I got to hold her tons!
M - I was so glad to get to see my MawMaw. Here is a photo of all of us at her assisted living home, with MawMaw modeling the Snuggie my sister gave to her:
P - I watched The Proposal with my mom on Saturday night. It was entertaining... not awesome, but not horrible.
S - Somehow, soup has become our Christmas Eve tradition. Ever since my grandmom died and our traditions changed, I have eaten soup on Christmas Eve. Can I be frank? I hate it. Not the soup itself: don't get me wrong, it's delicious soup (especially my aunt's amazing chili) but still - two kinds of soup in one day is too much soup. Especially for Christmas. It just reminds me of that first Christmas without Granny. No more back-to-back soup for the holidays. Next year, I volunteer to cook.... hahaha!
U- We went to see Up in the Air on Christmas night. It was so good!
W - My sister and brother-in-law got me two great gifts: a Wicked pop-up book and a fondue pot for the next time I make cheese or chocolate fondue. What great, creative gifts! Thanks, family!
X -Since I had time to kill on the way home on Wednesday, I finally stopped at Smith's Farms on Exit 308. I drive by their big billboard all the time on my way south, but since I am usually in a hurry, I never stop, no matter how tempting that giant cheese wheel is. This time I stopped, my mouth watering at the idea of free samples... but it wasn't that great. The samples were tiny.
Y - I finally made my Yogurt Mountain debut and wow. I may or may not have gotten carried away:Z - It was great to get to catch some zzzz's while at home. Catching up on sleep is one of my favorite things about time off.

Yay! The end.

Okay, okay... I tried to do every letter but I ran out of things to talk about. Did you even notice that a few letters were gone? Probably not. And if you did, oh well.


  1. bahahaha I totally didn't notice. did you have a J or a W? :( :( :(

  2. I noticed, but I figured you had a good reason because you don't make mistakes when it comes to the English language.

  3. Haha. Didn't notice, but I did think that I read through them all really quickly. Guess that's why!

  4. W: white dress that I'm wearing because I look so totally HOT in it!


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