Monday, November 02, 2009


Uh, is it already November? Holy cow. This year has fah-lown by. Is it just me? Surely not.

Saturday was the long-awaited Auburn return to triumph trick or treating! I went over to help C get Thing 1 and Thing 2 ready and I must say, they turned out pretty cute. We went to a nearby neighborhood with some friends and their child and had a blast.
Trick or treating ain't what it used to be, kids. Or maybe you just see things with a new perspective on this side of the stroller. For starters, if you are young enough to still get away with trick or treating, then that's too young to be dressed as HOOTERS WAITRESSES. I cannot imagine what parent let their tween out of the house looking the way these tweens did. They looked like they were really after more tricks than treats, if you know what I mean.

Secondly, there were way more cars than houses. Meaning, people like us drove to the neighborhood (don't judge; we had a legitimate "in") except that we parked the car and walked. Other cars were just idling along, letting their kids hop in and out in between houses. If these houses were miles apart, I can see the logic behind that. But rather, these houses were spaced very appropriately if not closely and the excess of cars only served to make me anxious and get on my nerves. When there is free candy on the line, Dorothy and the Lion don't understand why you have to look both ways before crossing the street (and rightfully so). We made it out happy and alive, though, so I consider it a success and was proud to be a part of two little munchkins's first trick or treat.

Sunday, C and I had a long-standing date to see This Is It!, the Michael Jackson documentary. My sister saw it Friday and told me it was amazing, so I had high hopes going into it. YAWL. Three songs into it, I turned to Chris told him, "this is just making me mad." HE. WAS. SO. TALENTED. He still had it - and it translated very clearly across film, even though that was not the medium in which he intended us all to realize that little boys or not, he was and will always be the King of Pop. Phenomenal. If you are able to still get tickets to this show, you should. You should also buy the DVD for your favorite blogger, but we'll worry about that in 2010 when it is released. In short, it was very encouraging and made me mourn for the spectacle and comeback that could have been. And funny - he was funny. He was a human and without the glare, without the public eye in which he was so uncomfortable, the walls were lowered and the shield was dropped and for the first time - I felt like I finally experienced Michael Jackson on my own. Not through the news lens, not through the tabloid pages, but as a sweet, gentle person and talented, dedicated performer. I'm trying not to oversell this because I am really bad about overselling things, so I'll just say GO SEE IT.

Hope you all had a great weekend!


  1. Sweet trick-or-treating pic. Also, thanks for the info on the MJ film! I wasn't even planning on seeing it, really, but now I'm intrigued!

  2. As an obsessive Micheal fan, I've had my tickets for This Is It since they went on sale and I saw it this past Thursday. I LOVED every minute of it and like you I left there more depressed than the days after his death. All I could think about is how truly amazing those 50 concerts would have been.

    And I agree, MJ was funny. That's what we talked about the whole ride home. He was just like anyone else - he knew what he wanted and was not diva-ish at all. He was just publicly scrutinized and that took it's toll on him.

    And surprisingly enough I didn't cry nearly as many times as I thought I would.


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