Wednesday, November 11, 2009


There's really not a lot I can say that would top the last post with the fondue. I reheated some of it two days later and yes - still just as good. I wanted to jump in and swim around in it.

No stories to tell, no news to share... why not just some random information/thoughts?

*I lost a Netflix movie this month. Duplicity, starring Julia Roberts and Clive Owen. If you saw it, was it good? I let it sit around too long and somehow it got lost. You can let Netflix know and they'll just bill you for it, but $14 seemed like a lot to me so before I took that plunge, I went digging through my trash to make sure it didn't get tossed out with the circulars and random ads that get mailed to me. Lots of old coffee grounds; no Netflix movies. The weirdest part about it was that as I was coming inside to take off my plastic baggie gloves, after digging through disgusting trash, I was still not content to leave well enough alone. Was there more trash I could dig through to find it? I STILL wonder where that thing went.

*I am obsessed with this cheese - Boursin. It is so good. $3.99 at Trader Joe's! Do I eat too much cheese? I sure have talked about it a lot here lately.

*Jennifer and Wes just spent an entire WEEK in New York City and I am so jealous. Eric was on syndication last night on the Office on TBS. Star almost burned her house down. My friends are so much more interesting than I am.

*I am really close to getting off Facebook. Like, really really. It's driving me crazy and right now, the reasons for deleting it outweigh the reasons for not. If everyone would stop inviting me to stuff, that'd be a big start. Especially when I don't live in your city. That's my biggest pet peeve right now. Quit wasting my time. I've started unfriending the repeat offenders which has helped a little bit.

*I am thinking it's time to grow my hair back out. I miss it. It's been two years.

*Speaking of growing hair, I think I will add to the List of Things I Am Saving For: Laser Leg Hair Removal. I hate shaving my legs with a fiery passion. Have any of you had this done?

*I've been at work since 3 am today!


  1. The lady who cuts my hair had her legs done. I think it took four trips and was a little painful, but she said it was totally worth the money.

    Also, you can NEVER eat too much cheese!

  2. my annoyance for facebook subsided a lot when I accidentally spammed all of the e-mails. I still get invited to random crap and asked to play farmville, but I don't know about it! I just go in every couple of weeks and "ignore" all of the requests.

  3. I'm getting my legs and armpits lasered here in Korea and it's worth EVERY penny. It was...about 400 US total for 5 treatments spread out over 10 months. After my first treatment (which wasn't painful, just a bit uncomfortable at times), my hair has already stopped growing so fast and I'm down to shaving once a week....HOW GREAT IS THAT?! Awesome...I say do it!


  4. Uh, Ansley? I ALREADY only shave once a week. THAT'S how bad I hate it.

  5. I gave up on facebook a few years ago and have not missed it at all, actually. It got to be too much. I don't think we were ever meant to stay THAT connected to THAT many people. Information overload. I would support you 100% for kissing facebook goodbye!

  6. Don't quit Facebook-- I just got it!
    And get an electric razor for between your weekly shaves---or move to France.
    Much Love,
    Yo' Mama


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