Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Today I really love my....
Infinity scarf! Thank you, the Limited, for this great new accessory. It's just one big loop of coziness, so I can wear it about ten different ways. Or, six different ways if I don't want to run around looking like some sort of creepy hooded lurker.

I bought it Sunday, wore it Monday and got about four compliments on it. And since I'd made good use of a coupon on the purchase, it was a real bargain! Monday I wore it as a vest, as a scarf and as a shawl - all in one day!

Run out and buy... or knit... your Infinity scarf today!


  1. I HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR ONE OF THOSE! so they have them at the limited... awesome, thanks!

  2. Sounds cool! Didn't know about these. I'm at a loss, however, trying to imagine how you wore it as a vest. ??? Maybe you could have a blog tutorial on all the different ways to wear one?

  3. Thanks girls! I just found out this puppy was on Oprah so I feel like a star.

    To wear it as a vest, just loop it across your shoulders and stick your arms through. Sort of like how you put on a coat - it'll go across your shoulders, loop over your arms and then behind your back. Sounds a LOT more complicated than it is :)


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