Monday, November 30, 2009


Here’s a little Thanksgiving pictorial/blow-by-blow for you. More to come later this week, but for now...

Wednesday – woke up ill. Waited 1.5 hours at the Take Care clinic, located in the nearby Walgreens. Left angry and hungry before I was ever seen. I think the guy in front of me was getting a full-body exam because he was in there for an HOUR. Ridiculous. Took a nice long lunch with C before taking him to the airport. Came home, watched Glee and packed.
Thursday – slept in, drove home. Had a quick dinner with Mom + 1. Waited for Jennie and Jamie to get home. Watched football/Home Alone marathon on TBS. Went to Wal-mart for cake mix to make this Auburn cake!
Friday – woke up early. Headed to Auburn. Watched Home Alone 2 on the way! Realized Pigeon Lady from Central Park = Susan Boyle. Went to Tiger Walk. Tailgated. Cheered myself hoarse at the game. Declared it a moral victory.

Saturday – lunch with Kathryn and Katelyn. Shopped with mom and sister. Went to visit my aunt, uncle and delightful cousin. Leftovers with the family. Paid $12.25 for a headache.
Sunday – slept in. Packed up. Drove home in my pajamas. Almost called the cops on some reckless drivers. Got 20 minutes outside of Nashville and had to pull over. Almost changed it myself... almost. Saw a play with C and then went to dinner. Great end to a long day.


  1. OH. MY. GOSH. I'm so glad you are safe- that tire looks terrible. Sorry that we missed eachother. Mary Thomas is missing her auntie LJ. And her mama is missing her friend! :) LOVE YOU!

  2. Parents:1) Do not let your children--grown or otherwise go see 3-D Disney's Christmas Carol...too scary and can cause nightmares.
    2)Letting your kid go to Walmart after 10pm in pajamas to buy cake mix:OK...Letting her drive 3 hours home in pink flannel pajamas: NOT ok.
    3)Raise a child to be AN AUBURN TIGER: They will thank you for life!

  3. that cake is SUPER-CUTE!

    glad you made it home safely! eek.

  4. I'm skipping A Christmas Carol. I really hate that story with everything in me. I don't know why. I just do. Bring on the Home Alone!


Oh goody!

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