Saturday, November 07, 2009


Last night, several good things came together in what ended up being a super fun, super relaxing night with my boo. And after a day that began at 4 am, some R&R was just what the doctor ordered.

First up, fondue. My sister makes this amazing cheese fondue straight out of the Melting Pot. It's one of my favorite thing she cooks. She makes it for her visitors that request it (me and my mom) and so I was lucky enough to get some when I visited in August. My mom was just there last weekend, and my sister told me she'd made her some, which had me thinking it was time I gave it a whirl. So yesterday, I went on a cheese shopping spree which resulted with this at my fingertips:
Voilá--crusty bread, a glass of wine, and a big pot of fondue to share. Chris, God love him, doesn't like really pungent, stinky cheese. I know--but I'll keep him anyway. So like a horse, I went to town on apple after carrot after bread piece all dipped in that glorious, glorious pot of cheese fondue. All I needed was a salt lick. In the rare moments when I didn't have my fondue fork hand in the bowl, he managed to get a few bites in.

Since he was in charge of our real dinner (even though clearly my real dinner ended up being the aforementioned ensemble), he whipped up a pesto chicken pizza from scratch - crust and all!! Such a show off, that one. It was very delicious, but I was too full to enjoy more than one slice.
Here he is, taking a big whiff of his pride and joy. Good job, boo. But my fondue was better.

When we weren't gorging on something covered in cheese, we were also enjoying the fire he built me - MAN do I love a good fire. We've addressed that pretty sufficiently in winters past, I think. The first fire of the season was the perfect backdrop to such a great night.

And completely off topic, one last picture from my camera phone - as I was setting off on my cheese spree yesterday, I passed this Nashville establishment, or what remains of it:
Yes, Lonnie's West End has gone the way of the dinosaur. Rest in peace, you awkward, out-of-place little karaoke bar. Guess we'll have to settle for the original Lonnie's, in a closet downtown.


  1. So we've decided that boo is an acceptable term of endearment? Ok, good. Thanks for the heads up.

  2. I'm trying to lose this baby weight and your not helping... Your just making me hungry... But I love you my cabbage anyways :)


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