Friday, November 13, 2009


1. Christmas wish list alert: look who is coming out with a DVD of her concert! I want it, to say the very least. Beyoncé, you’ll feel right at home in my media cabinet in between Justin Timberlake and Sugarland.

2. I burned the shitake mushrooms out of my arm this week. Over a baked potato, I’ll have you know. I’ll do anything for carbs. I was opening the oven door to get the spud out, when the door bounced back up and burned my elbow to smithereens. My reaction? Shriek and thrust my arm forward… off of the door… into the rack. Exhibits A and B:
3. Over the weekend, I watched Some Like it Hot. What a lovely old movie. It’s On Demand right now if you want to watch it too. And even though I wouldn’t rank it as the Funniest Movie of All Time (American Film Institute), it was pretty silly and funny.

4. Funny site of the week: Ever wonder “who would buy that?” while trolling Etsy? Not me, because I’m hardly ever on Etsy. But if that thought has crossed your mind, Regretsy’s the site for you.

5. TGIF!! This was a super long week. I hope you have a good weekend! War eagle and peace out.

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  1. Funny ... we watched "The Seven Year Itch." It was not that great.

    Sorry about your arm!!


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