Wednesday, October 28, 2009


YESTERDAY was Star’s birthday! Happy birthday, shining Star.

I first met Star in 2003. I knew who she was (her reputation of awesomeness completely preceded her) but didn’t meet her until 2003, when I was trying out for Camp War Eagle. We all remember how that turned out. Fast forward a year to 2004, when our paths crossed again for the same reason. This time, I made CWE and began a friendship with Star.

Star is a very intimidating person to get to know. Or at least she was – she claims be such a different person since leaving Auburn, but after spending a little time with her at the wedding, there is still plenty of original Star to go around Charlotte. On the surface, I thought we were very different. I remember doing a cheesy ADPi sign in front of her one time and without hesitation, she let me know she could go the rest of her life without seeing that ever again. She’s just very blunt, very honest and quite frankly, mysterious. Having waited so long to be a part of CWE, I was out to impress her and the rest of the staff and when it came to Star, I was convinced that I had my work cut out for me.

We were less than a month into training when my granddad passed away. All I wanted to do was get back to my normal routine to take my mind off of it all, but at the same time, going about my normal routine felt wrong, like I was moving on too soon and cheating the situation. Regardless, I was at our Thursday training and had barely taken my seat when Star walked over to me, crouched down by my chair and handed me a card. “We heard about your granddad – we’re all praying for you.” Layer peeled.

As training and preparation thickened, I just couldn’t make my mind up about Star. Did I like her? Did I not like her? Was blunt and honest all she had, or did I just not know her well enough? I couldn’t get a read on her and it was driving me crazy.

I remember standing in the dorm room when my sister, who had moved back in with my mom post-graduation, called my cell phone (mom wailing the background) to let me know the divorce papers had arrived in my mom’s mailbox that day. I was stunned. I was just numb… moving, but not really; talking, but not really. I went downstairs to find a staff member, and found Star. I told her what happened and she told me what to do: forget about my duties for the rest of the night and go process, feel, emote. She came by later in the night to check on me – I was still pretty out of it.

Star eventually left Auburn and moved to Charlotte. I was working in Nashville and we started chatting back and forth on g-chat. The occasional chat, like this one, has made us pretty close:

Star: i think i met someone
me: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Star: but i don't know. i'll have more information tomorrow
me: that is so great
Star: i met him at dialysis of all places
me: whoa!
Star: i know!
me: tell me more! dont stop there
Star: ok well he started at my clinic about two months ago and i noticed him since he's under the age of 65
me: he works there or is getting dialysis there
Star: getting dialysis
me: okay
Star: so about a month ago he finally spoke to me and told me his name (travis) and we talked for like a minute. well the other day my nurse tells me that she thinks he has a crush on me
me: AHHHHHhahaha
Star: apparantly he and the guy he sits next to are always talking about how pretty i am and how he thinks i'm so nice and so smart
me: awwwwwwwww
Star: but i think he's too shy to say or do anything without knowing that i'm interested
me: aw. and hes cute?
Star: so sunday i made a point to talk to him and we had an interesting conversation. at one point he said "its too bad you didnt do anything for new years, if i had your number i would have invited you to come with me" and yes he is cute
me: awwwww!
Star: so anyway we're having this great conversation when his stupid friend shows up and starts talking to him and i never had a chance to give him my number. and i had to leave before he did. so hopefully we can talk tomorrow
me: hopefully

And now, almost two full years later, we are still chatting, she talked to him again, and they even went on to get married. Good things all the way around.

Star is one of the strongest people I know. She's gone through more disappointment and frustration than any one person should in her lifetime and knows there is still more to face. She's probably the best example I can think of to prove that there is truly a plan for all of our lives - she met Travis at dialysis, for crying out loud! If that's not a plan, I don't know what is.

Star, thanks for making me laugh and cry and think and try and laugh again. You are wise beyond your years, funny beyond your understanding and beautiful beyond your wildest imagination! Your life is a testimony and encouragement to so many, and my greatest hope for you is that you are able to realize just how many people you have touched. Everyone who knows you, knows they are lucky - and if they don't, I'm sure you will tell them! I hope your 30th year is the best one yet!


  1. Wow. Amazing post. It was great meeting you at the wedding and it was an honor to hear you sing:) War Eagle!

  2. This makes me smile. I love both of you STRONG ladies very much.


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