Friday, October 09, 2009


Today's Friday Five is in honor of the Office - my favorite show on TV right now. Did you watch the Wedding episode last night? If you didn't, you might not want to read this because my Friday Five is my five favorite moments from the show:

1. Angela's non-dance down the aisle - so true to character. Just perfect.

2. Kevin bumbling around in his Kleenex shoes - of course that's all he could think of to put on his feet.

3. Andy's dancing! Do you even remember the show before the 'Nard-dog? I don't, because I didn't start watching it until he was already on it (of course now I have been equally exposed thanks to DVDs and reruns, so I am able to make an informed decision that I LOVE ANDY).

4. Jim and Pam, pre-ceremony. The tie, the veil, the sweetness. It could only be topped by...

5. Everything that happened on the Maiden of the Mist, from handing in the tickets to getting married to watching the mist afterward. Honestly, I have to keep reminding myself that this is fake and scripted television show. Otherwise, I would explode with envy of Pam.

And finally, one last item in honor of a personal "five", five years ago today, this happened. Best day of my life so far and yes, I feel really old. War Eagle!


  1. Yay! My favorite Miss Homecoming ever!

  2. L-i-n-d-s-a-y, she's the best and that's no lie!

  3. it can't be five years already!!

  4. just a random blog stalker here, but my your love for the office is matched by my own. You summed it up perfectly...I have Tivo and everytime I passed the commercial where Jim is giving his toast, I stopped to watch and rewatch it. I even maybe teared up a tiny bit. I love me some Office...If there were a Saturday 6 I think #6 would be when Michael is at the wedding telling Jim and Pam how excited and happy he is for them and He asks in typical Michael fashion, " How do I look?" Jim and Pam simply answer...You look great. Typical michael. Loves it!

  5. Um, how have I not read this post yet? 1. ditto on everything you said related to the Office wedding and 2. best Miss HC EVER. THE CHOICE WITH THE VOICE!!!!!!!!!!!


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