Monday, October 26, 2009


Friday: Attended a fund-raising party that was being hosted by an ad agency where a few friends of mine work. It was like a circus. Bands and artists and photobooths, oh my!

Saturday: Worked noon to midnight. My client left happy; therefore, so did I.

Sunday: Slept until noon. Ran errands with Chris. Made delicious steak fajitas and beans for dinner. Watched a Cake Boss marathon and the Yankees take the pennant.

Tomorrow: Going to see Little House on the Prairie with C.

Wednesday: Bunko! The theme is witches. I think I will go as a good witch. Or something really ridiculous like a "sand" witch.

Saturday: Trick or treating with C, Thing One and Thing Two the Tin Man, Dorothy, and the Cowardly Lion. And turning my clocks forward back... by far the thing I am least looking forward to of all of these activities because now it gets dark way too early!!


  1. You fall BACK this weekend....meaning you gain an hour!! Something to look forward to for sure-make sure you don't spring forward. That is how I always remember it (with the seasons).

  2. just wondering, how do you write something and then mark through it? If you have time to answer, you can reply with a comment on my blog
    or email me

  3. Or you could go as a man-witch


Oh goody!

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