Monday, October 05, 2009


What a great weekend! Saturday morning, C and I headed to Knoxville to watch Auburn beat the Vols for a great day of tailgating and an exciting game! The weather was perfect, the drinks were cold and the day was awesome.

When we got there, we had a quick lunch with my mom + 1. She decided to tell me then that the new BlackBerry she won (that I've been talking about for a month) was in her trunk. In the words of Justin McKinney, "Oh REally?" After some quick thinking, we arranged for me to be able to grab it en route to our tailgate. We went back to the car, grabbed the cooler, left the brownies I had made and were off.

It seems my mom can give directions just fine but not receive them, because we followed her clues to her car in one swift shot (a feat she was unable to match when I gave her simple directions to Zaxby's). Ladies and gents, meet Rachel. So far so good and worth a post all of her own. I am amazed at how different the setup is from the Pearl to the Curve. Just what I need, another curve! Haha. I had a photo of me giving Rachel a kiss... but it's on Monica and now I can't get to it. Oh, the irony.

Fresh as daisies and ready for some tailgating!

Anyway, so after we made that pickup we were off to the tailgate. I had met a lot of these families at the UT-Bama game last year, only then I was cheering against Bama/for Tennessee so they were surprised to see me with the AU tattoo on my face. I told them that was just scratching the surface.
What a fun bunch!

We had fun catching up with C's buddies and I enjoyed putting familiar names with new faces. Then, some familiar faces came walking by on their way to the contraband, highly dangerous, security threatening Tiger Walk (shout out to Vance!). Of course I abandoned the conversation I was in and hitched my wagon to their caravan. At the Tiger walk I found even more familiar faces (shout out to Stephen and Keven)! So much fun. We weren't down far enough where the players actually got off the bus, but instead were at the top of the street so the buses just drove by us and we waved. It was still exciting, trust me.
Look who I found at the Tiger Walk!

Especially compared to what came next - I was headed back to the tailgate, full of Auburn pride and joy, when I got stuck on the far side of the "Vol Walk." Booooooo. I had to wait it out in the shade while the Parade of Losers wrapped up and then I arrived safely back at our spot. The crowds around us had really picked up since the gates were open now and people were heading into the game.
Wes and David - what angels!

Cue more handsome and familiar faces - I had successfully navigated David to our tailgate so he could come say hi en route to the stadium. Just as we're chatting and catching up, I get bear hugged from behind by Wes. Side thought: where were all my lady friends that day? Do I only know males? Anyway, I was super glad to get to see each of them and visit. I had guided David there, but Wes dropped in outta nowhere. Considering how many people were around and that we hadn't planned to meet at all - I was pretty surprised to see him. Equally glad to see them both, just more surprised to see Wes (who, by the way, really hit it off with Chris - I'm sure Jim Beam had nothing to do with it):
Keep in mind at this point they'd known each other for two and half minutes.

After some man love hugs and photos, they went their respective ways. We stayed at the tailgate until 30 minutes until kickoff before we figured we ought to head out so we could buy some tickets. We bought a pair from the first man we stopped to talk to and made our way to our seats.

And we all know what happened from there. I was not the only Auburn fan in our section and we weren't too far from the band so I felt right at home, cheering and singing along. I worked on my gracious winner skills, something some people feel I need to improve on, so it was a good day all around.
War Eagle from section YY!

We visited for another hour or so after the game before making my debut visit to Gus's Good Times Deli. Nothing beats a fantastic homemade burger and fries, right? We were in line longer than we were sitting down and eating but it was worth it, trust me.

We stayed just outside of town and the highlights of Sunday were Waffle House breakfast and finding out we were finally ranked at #17. And that my friends is what I like to call a good weekend.

Oh and PS - guess who gets a cookie cake... again!?! War Eagle, kids.


  1. I love that guy. Not to burst your bubble but I think the bear hug was more of an "I don't know how I'm standing up right now because I can't see straight please hold me" hug. Great to see you. War Eagle

  2. sad I missed seeing you, but not gonna lie, not sad I missed Wes' foolishness! WDE to another 7 (?) years of bragging rights for you.

  3. Hi!
    Vance told me that he saw you this past weekend! Wish I could've joined in the fun, but it was a "guy trip"! I'll let V know you gave him a great shout out on the blog. Hope to see you soon!

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  5. It was great to see you, meet Chris, and see Wes.

  6. Hahaha...LJ so sad I didn't see you!! Did get to witness a bit of Wes pre- his kissing C. and I'm sure you're right, Jim Beam had nothing to do with that...

  7. Loved the victory over Rocky Top. But I must say the win was bigger than evidenced by the score! :)

    War Eagle!


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