Wednesday, September 09, 2009


If Nashville looks a little greener these days, it's because WICKED is in town! I think anyone who reads this blog knows I am *slightly* obsessed with this musical. I first saw the in L.A. production with Eric, and then the tour in Columbus, then in production Chicago and most recently the tour in Birmingham. Back in the spring, I coordinated a group ticket order to secure tickets for the Nashville run, and tomorrow night it's our turn! I am so excited. This is the same cast that I saw in Birmingham and they are amazing.

Just in case my excitement needed any additional piquing, C was offered tickets to a cast and VIP after-show party. So last night we got all polished up and headed downtown to mingle with Oz's finest. I was eager to run away with talk to the cast and tell them what a phenomenal job they do. The folks that I met were all polite and friendly, happy to pose for a photo and sign my Playbill. Can you guess who plays whom?


  1. OMG. SO cool. Completely jealous, as well.

  2. Ok.. haven't commented in a while and since this post is on my obsession, I figured why not?!?!
    1-Madame Morrible
    Am I right?

  3. Aside from the misspelling of Glinda, yes Carlee you are correct!

  4. I know you were in heaven!

  5. I guessed, but then I saw that Carlee guessed the same ones.

    I wonder what good ole Adam Wylie is doing these days.


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